big fragile city

Posted on October 11, 2010


Relationships in the city i am living in are like living form of glasses. They’re fragile. It forced us to lead a life where all we could do it shut our emotions at the back of the closet- like a pile of clothes you do not what to be seen wearing. So you hide them all at the back of the closet and never wearing them. Cause when you wear them, it makes you feel more vulnerable than ever and you just want to toss it back there.

In the course of looking for someone to rely on,I broke one too many glasses to find one or two that doesn’t have that “fragile” label in them. Or, sometimes, you think you might found it, it just breaks and u get cut deeper than ever. In fact, i realize relationships- regardless friendship or romance, they’re barely visible and the only way to find out is to get cut and wounded over and over again. hmmmm.

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Friendships love relationships are just plain fragile in kl..

there’s so much hate in this big city

best friends are myths

true love is long forgotten

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i come from a place where we look for things that last

i stepped my foot in kl thinking love lasts and eventually i turned to a person

who believes nothing lasts forever..

believing it killed my dreams

seclude my emotions and turn it to hard

i’m forced to believe that nothing last here

and everyone comes and go.

but i’m lucky to have a friend beside me now that i have full confidence of.

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