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January 13, 2011


despite being wordy i think this is exactly convey my thoughts atm sooo hi ! that’s right i was exactly dead. dead in the blogsphere and alive out there with my new apartment studies sex boys work and bah in short anything but blogging. ACTUALLY sex part wasnt true i hadn had it for ….. […]

big fragile city

October 11, 2010


Relationships in the city i am living in are like living form of glasses. They’re fragile. It forced us to lead a life where all we could do it shut our emotions at the back of the closet- like a pile of clothes you do not what to be seen wearing. So you hide them […]


October 5, 2010


g G E O R G E my fav Man

October 5, 2010


send my wishes give me the wand let me have the fairy dusts twinkle my nightmares away..

# pinkpeach diary 3

October 2, 2010


after only having a plate of vege a day ( 3days consequtively) i feeel super weak and michelle say i looked thin and frail . so! i felt much betterr compared to days before and decided to have some decent food look! i couldn’t finish them up soo end up makinggg some food art =D


September 17, 2010


FKY in return to your awesome present.. this is mine to you 😉


September 11, 2010


that book that kept me awake tilll sunrise …